South America

South America

Have you decised to come to South America for your vacation? It is a good idea because South America can make you sastify with a fast paced trip full of great adventure, or a more leisurely trip of exploration. Surely, you can enjoy full of diverse landscapes, culture, voices and history, brimming with adventure there.

The seasons in South America tend to be similar to New Zealand, though some areas are more tropical, and others a little wintrier. There are full blown rainforest areas, such as the Amazon where the humidity is high enough to make you feel like it is raining night and day, and then in other parts of the continent there are dry and barren deserts such as the Atacama Desert.

It truly is a landmass filled of extremes.

If you are trying to find the best time of the year to travel, it really does depend on exactly where you plan to go. Some of the countries have distinct rainy seasons, such as Ecuador, and it is best to avoid the full flood of this if possible. It's a good idea to talk with a specialist when booking your cheap airfare to South America to find the best time of the year to see the sights you most want to see.

It's a good idea to also check what sort of vaccinations you'll need while travelling to South America. This can vary a little from season to season, depending on whether any outbreaks of some diseases have been recorded. However, it's important to have anti malaria treatment at the very least.

Another good idea is to carry some bottled water (bought locally) with you as you travel this area, and eat foods such as fruit and vegetables that contain a lot of water in only places you think feel clean and are better known. Basic fare at many places is salad, chips and meat, though there are of course amazing local eateries cooking all manner of traditional food that is great to try.

The main meal of the day in South America tends to be lunch, and dinner is often not until late in the evening, with many of the countries adopting a siesta type break in the afternoon.

This a collection of countries perfect for those who love to see the rich beauty of rainforests and ancient civilisation, people creating modern cities on the bed of old ones, and a mix of vibrant and creative cultures coming together and learning to live alongside of each other.

A pretty good return for a cheap airfare to South America!

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