Led Zeppelin Going On Tour

Led Zeppelin Going On Tour

women's led zeppelin t shirtThere have been some exciting rumors floating around that Led Zeppelin will be taking to the road.

The line up would feature original guitarist Jimmy Page, original bassist John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham taking over on drums for his late father, John Bonham. Robert Plante however will not be joining the rock icons on their reunion excursion.

In fact rumor has it that the band now handicapped by one member has asked Chris Cornell to join them on the road. Here's what Cornell had to say to MTV as he physically disabled the rumor, "I have not been approached so far to fill in for Robert Plant on the upcoming Zeppelin tour, but that isn't to say I won't be. I've heard that from about 200 people now, and it might be one of those situations where it's just an online rumor or it might be true. But if you see anyone from Led Zeppelin around, let me know.

I think I should actually fill in for Jimmy Page on the Robert Plant/ Alison Krauss tour." Rumors of the tour sparked since the band played a single reunion set last year in London. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister made the rumor juicy when revealing that the band was thinking of touring with or without Plant.
Along with the Cornell gossip there seems to be other men in the mix, namely Sammy Hagar, Jack White and Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl.

The band is being very clear that they are not looking for a Robert Plante impersonator. They need someone that fits well, finding someone who can do what Plante does is no different than starting a tribute band, they want someone who can bring there own flavor to the table.
You'd have to be visually impaired to not see that Zeppelin is upset with the rejection they received from Plante. So with fingers crossed loyal fans hope to see the icons on tour soon regardless of who fills in for Plante.

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